We believe that the skills learned through martial arts are important for everyone – especially young children! The first years of your child’s life are the most critical for learning and development and that is why we offer Kumo Jiu Jitsu classes for children starting at 3 years old. Our Little Warriors classes are action packed with exciting and engaging activities that will stimulate your child’s mind and encourage positive growth and self confidence. Your child will participate in activities that will help them to develop balance, coordination, focus, team work, respect and discipline all while learning the core fundamentals of martial arts in a friendly and safe environment. In our Little Warriors program your child will work hard, make friends, and most importantly learn that fitness is fun!


This fun-packed program is designed for children and youth ages 7-13. Learning the art of Kumo Jiu Jitsu teaches children and youth discipline, self confidence and focus, all while building a strong and healthy body! Our kids program is organized by age this ensures that children are working and training with other children their own size and have opportunities to improve their skills with their peers. Kumo Kids teaches basic concepts of self-defence including striking techniques, take-downs and throws, standing joint locks, as well as a large focus on grappling techniques. Your child will learn the importance of self-control, hard work, dedication, and respect for themselves and others, all while improving their self-confidence, making friends, and most importantly having fun!


Whether you’re interested in getting into shape, learning self defense, or just some extra-curricular social time, our youth/adult program is perfect for you! This fun and exciting program will teach you all aspects of empty hand fighting and self defense. We put a strong emphasis on grappling, but also teach fundamental striking techniques, clinching, takedowns, throws, and off balancing techniques, as well as joint manipulation, defence against multiple attackers and weapons defense. Kumo Jiu Jitsu respects traditional combat strategies while keeping in mind the new dangers of today and will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to defend yourself in virtually any situation. Our classes are always in a fun, friendly, and safe environment – we like to think of our dojo members as family and once you start training with us we know you will quickly feel the same way!


Not ready for grading? Want to refresh your memory on a few techniques?
Schedule a private lesson with one of our instructors. In a one on one setting, our instructors will directly work with you to insure you are confident with your techniques. Our private lessons are designed to help current students improve skills for upcoming belt gradings and in preparation for upcoming tournaments, when students want to be at their very best. Typically, private lessons are around 30 minutes long, but some are scheduled for up to several hours.
Prices may vary, so please contact the dojo for more details.