Two New Kumo Black Belts

This past weekend we at Kumo Jiujitsu are honoured to welcome two more black belts to the fray. Congratulations to @ctindale and @garaccinick for receiving their first degree Black Belts this past Saturday!!
Congratulations to Renshi @spiderwebjitsfor receiving his 4th degree Black belt and @david.d.lafrance for receiving his 3rd degree!!
A big thank you to all of our Uke’s that made this weekend possible. A big shout out to @rizemma and @rizeeducation for helping with the preparation and execution of our grading. Oss!

Capital Conquest 2019!

Hello our Kumo Friends! 

We recently attended the November 2019 Capital Conquest that takes place annually in Gatineau, Canada! 

It was an exceptional experience for Hanshi Lafrance, 9th Dan and Sensei Lafrance, 3rd Dan. 

We had new and old faces on the mat eager to learn the unique art of Kumo Jiu Jitsu. 

In-between our seminars, we had the opportunity to visit and learn from other martial art professionals. This year, we actively participated in a couple Krav Maga sessions. We loved how well it complemented our own fighting style and philosophy of focusing on practical and reliable street defence!

Additionally, Hanshi Lafrance was asked to participate in the Kobudomania Show with an Indigenous presentation.

It was a successful weekend and we look forward to what is in store next year.

Contact us for more info on how you can begin your Kumo Jiu Jitsu training and join us next year at Capital Conquest!